What we do ...

The overall strategy of the Fund is to provide support to Tayside NHS Board in whatever way the Trustees consider appropriate, subject to any specified directions prohibiting such expenditure which Scottish Ministers may have issued.

Our Key Priorities are:

  • Improving mental health and wellbeing
  • Reducing substance use
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Obesity and physical activity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Innovation in healthcare
What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will support local NHS hospitals and services in NHS Tayside. You can donate to our general fund which can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Organising Your Fundraiser

Once you’ve decided what to do – what do you need to make it happen?

Here are some things to think about – when, where and how:

  • The date and time of your event
  • Any associated costs – how will you offset these?
  • The venue – where will you hold your event?
  • Who can help you?
  • Who would you like to invite? (do you need permission/consent?)
  • How will you make it happen? Do you need any permits? (keep it legal)
  • Are you going to ask for donations from local businesses? (have you registered?)
  • How will you collect the money – do you need to set up an online giving page or need sponsor forms?
  • Do you need any branded or promotional items from the charity? (contact the team)
  • Can I boost the funds I raised with Match Funding and Gift Aid?

To register your event, please complete our digital Fundraising Registration Form and one of the team will be in touch shortly.

Once your registration form has been processed, you will receive a Supporter Reference Number which you can include in all correspondence. Please retain a copy of the form or the number when handing in the fund to the ward or the Cashier’s Department.

It is important to register to allow us at NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation to link up the different departments involved and ensure all relevant areas are aware of your fundraising, ensuring your funds reach the ward, area or department they are intended for.

Please get in touch with a member of the team for advice and information on your event or charity partnership.  You will need to register the event and complete a formal agreement.  This supports our compliance with OSCR.

However, please note that any non-registered events are not supported by NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation, and the use of our registered charity number is strictly forbidden without our prior consent.

The fundraising team can be contacted by phone or email to guide you on your fundraising journey for NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation. 

We can provide advice and information and link you with the ward, department or service you wish to fundraise for.  We can also offer raffle tickets, sponsor forms, organise branded collection cans, merchandise and promotional leaflets.

There are lots of ideas for fundraising and the internet is a great resource.

However, remember to consider the time required to organise your fundraiser, the possible costs involved and the implications of holding a public event.  You may need to apply for licences, involve other organisations, consider health and safety requirements and recruit  volunteers or marshalls.

When thinking about and planning your fundraising event, keep it to a scale you can manage and commit the time to.

Do you want to see the value of your fundraising or donation increase at no extra cost to you?

Match Funding is when you approach an organisation/funding body to match up to 100% of the total funds you hope to raise, potentially doubling your fundraising total.

Some employers offer a Match Funding scheme. 

Think about the area you are fundraising for and the organisation or funding body most closely aligned to that area or fundraising event you are holding.

When approaching an organisation or funding body, you should be clear from the outset that you are looking for Match Funding. Advise them of the total amount you are looking to raise and how much money you would like them to contribute or match. You should also advise the organisations or funding bodies if there are others you plan to approach.

NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation offers a £500 Match Fund when £1000 or over has been raised only for our General/Unrestricted Fund.  Apply online for you’re match funding here:

It’s a Government scheme that allows a registered charity to reclaim the basic rate of tax on each donation made by a UK taxpayer.  For every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer, charities such as NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation can reclaim tax already paid, increasing the value of a donation by nearly one third.

On our donation slips, you will find a Gift Aid Declaration.  By completing this, you allow our charity to reclaim the appropriate amount of gift aid relating to your donation, currently 25p for every £1 you give.

There is none! The scheme exists to benefit registered charities and the people who support them. It’s your choice whether to Gift Aid it or not.  Completing the form does not commit you to anything and your declaration can be cancelled anytime.

The NHS Tayside hospital, ward or service that you are supporting will receive the extra funds arising from tax relief.

Yes - we use them only to reclaim tax on your donation.  If you prefer, omit your street name and write your house name or number, town or city, and postcode. This is all we need.

Special rules apply to donations by companies and partnerships.  We suggest that you contact the Fundraising Support Office for more information.

We welcome all donations but only those people who pay UK tax on income (including bank interest) or capital gains can use the Gift Aid scheme.  However, you do not need to be working.  Income from a pension or investments is eligible.

NHS Tayside can reclaim the basic rate of tax, whilst you can claim higher rate relief on your gross donation (at 20%) by entering your donations on the Gift Aid box on your self-assessment tax return.

Yes, as long as you have paid enough UK tax in the same year to cover the sum that the charity will reclaim.

You must register your event. Any non-registered events are not supported by NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation, and the use of our registered charity number is strictly forbidden without our prior consent.

Licensed raffle tickets must be used when holding public raffles outwith an enclosed group/gathering. 

Ensure you obtain a licence from your local authority to collect funds in a public space.

You must ensure your event is safely organised; NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation cannot accept liability for an event organised in aid of the charity nor for any participants involved or taking part.

If children are involved in fundraising activities, please ensure their parents have given permission and consent.

If using photographs, please make sure all people pictured have consented to the photo(s) being taken and shared.

Social media is a great way to build interest and support for your event.

You could also try displaying posters, with permission, sharing the event with family, friends and colleagues, and contacting the press.

Once you’ve held your event, you can pay in your funds through:

Just Giving

Create your page via NHS Tayside Charitable Foundation’s Just Giving page and your donation goes straight to the charity.

Charities Trust

Create your page and your donation goes straight to the charity.

Cash or cheque via the cash offices across NHS Tayside:

  • Ninewells Hospital
  • Perth Royal Infirmary
  • Whitehills Hospital
  • Roxburghe House             

Please call via switchboard on 01382 660111 to check for opening times

Pay in by BACS – please contact the fundraising team for details.

Please get in touch with the fundraising team if you would like assistance in arranging a cheque presentation.  We can link you with the ward, department or service and help arrange a suitable time to hold the presentation.

We can also support you by sharing your cheque presentation on our social media and putting you in touch with local press.

Your story can inspire others

With your permission, we may share your story on our social media and communications platforms. Just think, your fundraising journey might inspire others to get involved.

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